Best Games Recording Softwares

Best Game Recording Software’s of 2021 (Reviews)

Thanks to games like Fortnite and PUBG, more and more people are looking to record their gameplay experiences and share them with their friends.

There are a handful of options available in the market, but not all of them are as good as the best game recording software that are in this list.

1. Windows 10 Game Bar

One of the main reasons why Windows 10 was a huge success is because it did introduce a lot of features that would be suitable for gamers.

One of the features was the Game Bar that would allow players to record their game play on the fly with just a press of a button.

While the Game Bar was a bit broken in the start, it soon became a massive success, and now nearly everyone is using it.

The best thing is that it comes preinstalled as well, so you really do not have any issue.

2. Open Broadcaster

If you like streaming your games on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, then Open Broadcaster is actually a great software that you should go for.

Albeit it is a bit difficult to use as compared to the Game Bar, but it makes up for its difficulty by providing you a lot of features that are suitable for gamers around the world.

Open Broadcaster is surely an amazing software that you should definitely consider trying if you want to record your gameplay experiences.

3. ShadowPlay

Nvidia’s ShadowPlay is my favourite game recorder because as an Nvidia user, I love keeping things in the same ecosystem.

It comes built into the GeForce Experience, and provides a great way of taking screenshots and recording videos.

If you play PUBG, or Fortnite, then ShadowPlay can actually help you capture highlights on its own, and then ask them to save it at the end of every single match.

It happens to be super convenient, and you can even stream through ShadowPlay on different platforms, making it an epic option for those who are looking for a good solution.

4. Action

Another great option for those who are looking to record their games and share them with people is Action.

This one has been around the corner for some time, but not a lot of people are actually using it for one reason or another.

The good thing is that Action is actually a great software that many people should use, and it does give you a great performance as well.

You might want to take some time understanding the settings, but once you do that, it all becomes a straight forward experience.

5. Bandicam

The last option on the list is Bandicam, as compared to Action, it does come with similar feature set.

The most important thing you need to know here is that despite being a paid software, even the free version will provide you with the basic functionalities, so you really do not have to worry about lagging behind.

As a gaming recording software, I think Bandicam is pretty good but it gets better with the fact that you can use it for more than just recording games, as there are a lot of other useful features as well, making Bandicam an all-rounder for many people.


Game recording might not make sense to a lot of people because they are all under the impression that there is no point in recording gameplays.

However, you can record gameplays for the sake of tutorials, or if you are full time streamer, then these softwares can help you in more ways than one.

Just make sure that you choose the right one, and the experience will be smooth as it can be.

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