Best Games For Mac

Best Games For Mac OS X

While Mac OS is certainly a fan favourite, when it comes to gaming, people prefer Windows simple because the lack of gaming on Mac.

However, Mac is slowly growing as a platform on which you can game, and this article looks at the best games for Mac OS X.

1. Hitman

Hitman’s much needed reboot was something that a lot of fans were not expecting; this reboot saw the Agent 47 returning back to his stealthier roots, and while the episodic approach is not something that was welcomed by everyone, it certainly made Hitman one of the best games to play on Windows, as well as Mac.

The game is available to download on Steam, and comes as a complete package, or you can try out an episode if you want to make a decision first.

2. Hand of Fate 2

Hand of Fate 2 might seem boring to some people, but the good thing is that it actually is a great mix of hack and slash combined with a board game with deep mechanics.

The game has been our for some time now, and I can assure you that when it comes to providing you with deep, satisfying gameplay, Hand of Fate 2 certainly provides a pleasurable gaming experience that is one of a kind, and not easily available either.

3. F1 2017

If you like the authentic Formula One experience, and want to step into the shoes of your own Formula One driver, then F1 2017 is one of the best games available.

It is developed and published by the tried and true Codemasters, so as far as the gameplay is experienced, I can assure you that you are going to have a great time playing this game.

There is a lot of amazing detail that will keep you coming back for more in this exhilarating world of F1.

4. Fortnite

There is no denying that Fortnite took the world of gaming by storm and easily became one of the best games available in the market.

Honestly, the game is everything a battle royale fan would ask for, and while the gameplay mechanics are more on the funnier side, I can assure you that your gaming experience will not suffer at all.

As a matter of fact, you can have countless hours of fun playing Fortnite, solo or with your buddies.

5. Rocket League

If you ask me how Rocket League is, I would simply tell you that it is like playing football, but instead using players, you are given rocket powered cars that have so many different power ups, it can entirely change the dynamic of your game.

Rocket League has become so popular on Steam, and as a game that it even has become an e-sport, and that is certainly one of the biggest accomplishments for a game like Rocket League that aims at making things fun.

6. Hollow Knight

If you are a fan of 2D side-scrollers with stunning graphics, then Hollow Knight is the game you need to start playing right now.

I know indie games sometimes do not get the love they deserve, but I can assure you that Hollow Knight will be the game you would be playing.

Whether you do it alone, or you play it with your friends, the experience is going to be as rewarding as you would want it to be.

7. Dirt Rally

Contrary to what you might hear people saying, racing games have not gone out of fashion.

As a matter of fact, there are still some amazing classics that you can play without any issues whatsoever.

If you are a fan of racing games, and you want to play it on your Mac, you can look at Dirt Rally, one of the best racing games out there that you can play right away.

I can assure you that your experience with this game will be a lot of fun.


As a Mac user, I know the scrutinizing behavior you might have to go through from others.

But the good thing is that with this list, you can truly enjoy a lot of great games on Mac OS.

Sure, the list is not as extensive, but it is still more than enough to entertain you.

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