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10 Best Steam Backgrounds

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best steam backgrounds

There is no doubt that Steam happens to be an amazing platform for people who are looking forward to ensure that they get the best possible experience when gaming.

It is the biggest digital distribution platform for PC gamers, and has thousands of games that you can either play for free or buy.

Signing up on Steam can be done for free, however, if you truly want to customize your profile, and leave your mark, then you will have to spend some money.

For instance, if you want to be able to add friends on your own, you will have to make a $5 purchase from Steam. In addition to that, once you start leveling up through completing tasks, and challenges, your Steam profile will only grow further.

You will be given the ability to change the background of your profile, add or remove other information about you on your profile, and truly make your profile your own.

While it does sound like a juvenile thing to do, a lot of people take pride in how their Steam profile look, especially those who have spent a lot of money on games, and years to perfect their library as well.

You can earn Steam backgrounds through a lot of different methods; you can buy them from Steam marketplace, or you can earn them based on the games you have by collecting all the Steam cards linked to that game.

However, today, we are going to focus on the marketplace aspect since every user has different games in their profile. We are going to be looking the best Steam backgrounds that can be purchased this very instance. So, let us not waste time, and have a look, shall we?

1. Into Red

For anyone who loves Hitman series, this Steam background is a must check. Into Red shows Agent 47 holding his silver ballers, with a muted red background.

It might be a bit too simple for some people, but I can assure you that it will look stunning against the default black colour scheme of Steam.

The background is available to buy on Steam marketplace, and the link is given below.


2. Kadinger Sanctum

Who does not like the Kadinger Sanctum from Doom? It has reached the status of being one of the most iconic places in the video games, and something that has been copied, or inspired by so many different artists.

The good thing is that you can invest in the Kadinger Sanctum background for your Steam profile this very instance, and I have to tell you that it looks really, really good.

Especially if you have the IPS screen with true to life colours, you are going to enjoy this bloody mess, and there is no denying that. You can buy it right now from Steam marketplace, just follow the link below.


3. Console Peasents

There is no denying that the PC gamers take pride in the fact that they game on PC. After all, where would you find the best possible graphics, and endless possibilities of customizing the way you play the game.

Not to mention the fact that you can actually upgrade your PC, and the way it looks whenever you want. The reasons I mentioned above are some of the reasons that make the PC gamers, the master race, and console gamers, the peasants.

If you are among the same team, then the Console Peasents background is for you. Show off your allegiance with this amazing Steam background that is available to buy right now on the marketplace.


4. Entering UFO

Who does not like an Alien inspired background? Well, I know I certainly do. Entering UFO is the perfect Alien inspired Steam background that is available on the marketplace for you to buy right now.

Sure, it might look a bit in-your-face because of the colour, but the green that is used in the image is on the muted side, that looks a lot better when mixed with the default colours of a Steam profile.

Needless to say, Entering UFO is certainly one of the best Steam backgrounds for all you Alien lovers out there.


5. Conwell Forest

If you have played the amazing point and click called Kathy Rain, then this next Steam background is for you. I know how point and click games are slowly going out of fashion, but Kathy Rain happens to be one of the best, and the greatest thing about this game is the atmosphere.

Keeping the atmosphere in mind, this Steam background shows the beautiful Conwell Forest in all its glory. I have tried it myself, and it looks wonderful against the default colour scheme of Steam’s profile page.


6. The Wilderness

There is no denying that Sanctum 2 is one of those games that received a lot of positive response from critics as well as the fans.

However, the game is not known to be the greatest hit of all time; I would call it a sleeper hit, but that is not wrong as well.

The game was one of the best shooters of its time, and looked amazing without a doubt. Even if you have not played the game, The Wilderness artwork from the game makes up for a stunning Steam background that you can use.


7. E.D.N. III Vista

I will be honest here. Lost Planet 3 was not the best game that I have ever played. As a matter of fact, as compared to the original Lost Planet, it just felt out of place, and something that does not belong in the series.

However, the good thing about the game is that it left us with some gorgeous sceneries that a lot of people loved, and appreciated.

You can check out the beautiful representation of the E.D.N. III Vista right here.

The muted blue, along with yellow paints a gorgeous picture that would complement any Steam profile. You don’t even have to be a Lost Planet fan to use this background.


8. Valley

I will be honest here. Far Cry Primal was not that good of a game, it felt like a rushed package that was a combination of Far Cry 4.

However, the one thing I loved about Primal was the locations in the game. IT was a nice change of scenery from all the other games in the market, and I honestly found the game to be really, really amazing.

This is why Valley is one of the artworks that I had to mention in this list; I have been using it for some time now, and I will be honest. This looks absolutely stunning, and there is no way to deny that at all. Valley is among my favourite Steam backgrounds.


9. Dark Character

Nightmare on Azathoth is a black and white survival horror game in which your only goal is to survive. While the game received mixed reviews from the users, one thing was evident, it did attract those who are looking for a niche game that gives them a rather strange, and different feeling altogether.

Keeping that in mind, the Dark Character is one of the rarest backgrounds you can get for your Steam background, and that is why it is priced on the higher side.

Still, it looks really good, and you should definitely invest in it if you are looking for a great black and white background for your profile.


10. Heavy Burden

Volgarr the Viking is a fun-filled, 2D side scroller that has amassed a pretty amazing fan following. Although the game is filled with dashes of colour nearly everywhere, the background is for people who prefer a darker tone.

Hence, Heavy Burden is black and white, and I will be honest, the picture of Viking alone is enough to strike intrigue. It is one of the best profile backgrounds available on Steam at this very moment.



For anyone looking for great Steam backgrounds, this article is going to help you find the best possible backgrounds that you can get your hands on the backgrounds for your Steam profile.

Yes, you will certainly have to spend money on it, but these backgrounds are one time investment, and you should not have any issues either. Once you buy them, they’ll be linked to your Steam profile forever.

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