Best Survival Games

10 Best Survival Games

There is no denying that survival games are slowly becoming more and more popular in the modern day and age.

As a matter of fact, people are spending a lot more time playing survival games than any other game from a different genre.

This is certainly a good thing considering how there are so many amazing survival games available on Steam right now.

That is why this article is dedicated to the best survival games that you can buy and start playing.

I can assure you that you will have a great time playing these games, whether you do it alone or with friends.

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1. Minecraft 

I know this is rather strange for a lot of people but for the longest time, Minecraft has been the go to game for a lot of people whenever it comes to a good survival game.

Sure, the graphics and game play are rather on the unrealistic side, but the fact that you can get hours of fun out of Minecraft is something that we possibly can’t deny.

The game does not require a super powerful computer to run either, and allows for a free form mode in which you can build everything as per your own requirements.

Needless to say Minecraft is definitely a great survival game for the fans who are looking for something different, and with a lot of replaybility as well.

2. The Forest

The fact that a game released this year on Steam managed to earn so much fame is surprising.

The Forest was released back in April, and so far, it has amassed a lot of support from the community, and is among one of the top rated games on Steam.

You play as a lone survivor of a plane crash, and as the name suggests, the game is set in a forest, and it is up to you to survive the cruelty of that place.

The game plays as a terrifying, first person survival games with some of the best survival elements that you must check out.

You will be fighting against all sorts of enemies what will make you come up with new ways of defeating them.

3. ARK: Survival Evolved

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs, and building? Well, judging by the impressive player base on Steam, a lot of people certainly do.

ARK: Survival Evolved is certainly one of the most played survival games on Steam, and on top of that, you get to battle human enemies, as well as dinosaurs.

The game is certainly rough around the edges, but it is not anything substantial. If you do have a good PC, then I don’t think you will run into any issue as far as the performance is concerned.

There are some great DLCs as well that you can buy, and have an even better experience at this game.

Another good thing is that you can even play it with your friends if you are looking to have a better experience.

4. Don’t Starve

If you like scrollers, but you still want to play a good survival game then I think Don’t Starve might be the one for you.

The game follows a peculiar art style that actually looks a lot better than some of the other games in the market, and it pits you in a world full of science, magic, as well as creatures.

As you can tell judging by the name of the game, Don’t Starve is all about you ensuring that you survive this wicked world, and emerge victorious.

It might not give you the best looking graphics, but as far as the gameplay is concerned, it is pretty sweet, and you should definitely check it out.

Right now, it is also on sale, so you should grab it.

5. Rust

Rust is what I would call the true survival game that you can play on your PC this very instance.

Rust puts you in a shoes of an unnamed survivor on a deserted island, and as per the official description of the game, your only aim in this game is to survive

.You will have to battle a lot of things like hunger, cold, thirst. Players will be given full freedom to make their own base, and protect themselves against the animals that are lurking in the dark, as well as other players.

Yes, Rust offers full PVE, and PVP support, and honestly, the more you play, the more fun you have. Currently, the game is available on Steam on sale, so do grab it and have fun.

6. The Long Dark

The great thing about gaming on PC is that you have so much to choose from when it comes to gaming. Just have a look at The Long Dark, a survival game that allows the player to truly witness what it feels to be alone. In this game, you have no friends to play with, only you, and the wilderness.

Players must survive the frozen horizon that was the result of a geomagnetic disaster. There are no zombies in this game, because you are fighting something much, much worse.

That is the wrath of the mother nature. While the game is not a looker, it certainly is one of the best survival games out in the market, with a lot of replay value, and loads of fun.

7. DayZ

From the folks who brought you the famous Arma series of video games comes DayZ; an open world survivor, horror games that pits you against hordes of zombies, and in addition to that, humans as well.

The game is all about surviving, and making yourself so strong that no one bothers to mess around with you.

Currently, the game is in early access, but it is still enough to be played without any issues. Players can enjoy this game on their own or take part in the fun with their friends.

There is just so much you can do in the world of DayZ, you will never get tired of what this world throws at you. Protect yourself against the undead as well as the living here.

8. 7 Days to Die

Another amazing early access game on the list is 7 Days to Die. This game is all about survival, and as the name suggest, you are supposed to protect yourself against the hordes of undead.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, 7 Days to Die is the perfect combination of sandbox RPG, tower defense, first person shooter, and zombie survival game.

I know there are a lot of elements combined into one, but the game is definitely worth it.

You can play it alone, or with your friends, the choice is entirely yours, but I have to say, whatever play style you choose to, the game is a lot fun regardless.

Just make sure you are armed to teeth if you want to survive this cruel world.

9. S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R series is a trilogy that every survivor fan must play. Although the game is on the older side, but it still remains, to this day, one of the hardest FPS survival games to play.

Set in the world after Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R has you fighting mercenaries, as well as the monsters that are the direct result of the radiation.

The game does not have the deep RPG mechanics as some of the other games, but it still does present you a very detailed open world with loads of things to do.

Word of advice, only play this game if you are up for a challenge, because it will challenge you in ways you can’t even imagine in the first place. So, do play this if you want good experience.

10. State of Decay 2

While State of Decay 2 is not available on Steam, it still makes up to be a wonderful survivor game that you must play.

Players must survive against a deadly virus outbreak that is turning everyone into blood thirsty zombies.

The coolest thing about State of Decay 2 is the perma death factor. Which means that if you die once, it is game over

. Unless you have AI controlled buddies with you who will then let you control them.

The game is a bit rough around the ages, and that is something that I will not deny, but other than that, State of Decay 2 provides you with a lot of fun. You can play it alone, or with friends, it is entirely up to you.


If you find yourself looking for some great survival games, then I can assure you that the games that are in this list are going to be great for you.

The good thing is that almost all of them are on sale right now, so you really should not run into any issues as far as the pricing is concerned.

Playing these games is going to be a lot of fun, and that is something that I can guarantee as far as gaming is concerned. Let us know if there should be more survival games in the list.

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