how to stream on twitch

How to Stream on Twitch

There is no denying that stremaing is becoming more and more popular in the modern day and age. Sure, streaming has been around for a really, really long time, but with the explosion of games like PUBG and Fortnite onto the mainstream, more and more people are looking into streaming their gaming experiences on Twitch. The important thing that needs to be clarified here is that streaming is not limited to games only, you can use Twitch for a lot of different content as long as the community rules support it to begin with.

If you are new to this whole streaming scene, and want to start your own streaming experience on Twitch, then the good news is that the process of getting started is rather easy. In addition to that, you also have access to different softwares that you can use to properly stream and broadcast yourself over to Twitch.

Previously, the process of doing so was a lot more difficult than you might think in the first place, but the good news is that thanks to a plethora of options available, streaming has become super easy, and simple. All you need is an account on Twitch, along with a software that will allow you to broadcast.

This article covers the best possible way you can stream, but before that, I am going to tell you about how you can stream on Twitch, this will be followed by why you should stream your gaming experience. This is to make sure that you have a better understanding of streaming.

How to Stream on Twitch from PC

The great thing about streaming on Twitch from your PC is that the entire process is really, really simple, and straightforward. As a matter of fact, you will not be running into any issues as far as the streaming is concerned. Everything about the process is simple and straightforward.

Now do keep in mind that in order to stream from PC, you will need to have a software that will help you with broadcasting. The good thing here is that Steam supports a number of softwares. One of the best, and the easiest is XSplit, however, there is a caveat that you will have to buy monthly subscriptions that you will have to buy, but the good thing is that it does offer you with a lot of features that will make your overall experience much enjoyable.

Another option you have is Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), and it is completely free as well. However, it does come with a steeper learning curve, so if you don’t mind that, go for it.

The process of streaming on Twitch that we opted for was using XSplit, so have a look at it below.

Note: Before anything else, just make a Twitch account to make things easier for you.

Step 1: The first thing that you need to is to create an XSplit account, and download the server.

Step 2: Launch XSplit, and then log into your Twitch account.

Step 3: Now launch the game you are looking to Stream.

Step 4: Simply tab out of the game by pressing CTRL+Tab and open the XSplit interface.

Step 5: Once the interface is open, simply click on Broadcast and the streaming process will begin.

The good thing about XSplit is that it happens to be really, really easy to use. A great feature here is that if you close the game, or tab out of it, then the broadcasting will stop. In addition to that, you can also use XSplit overlay, and add your webcam footage into the game, you can mute your microphone or the system sounds, and you can even chat with your Twitch channel. For anyone who is using the paid version of XSplit, the feature to add annotations, as well as customized logos is going to be there for you as well.

Considering how XSplit is paid, a lot of newcomers may want to look for something that offers them streaming capabilities but for free. This is where OBS comes in. If you are wondering how you can use OBS, the tutorial below will help you.

How to Stream on Twitch Using OBS

Many streamers who are new to the soon are often looking for the free alternatives, the good thing is that OBS is entirely free. However, the software is somewhat intimidating to the newcomers, which might push them away.

Step 1: Download and install OBS and click the Settings button in the lower right corner.

Step 2: Now click on Broadcast Settings that can be found in the left side pane.

Step 3: Next to Streaming services, you will need to choose Twitch.

Step 4: Now look at Play Path/Stream Key and enter the Stream key that you will have to get from here.

Step 5: The first time when you configure OBS, it might ask you to change some video settings. This depends on your setup. If it is needed, then you can find them on the bottom of the window highlighted in red. This requirement is not always needed, but if you are asked of it, then you should definitely fix these settings and then move on.

Why Should You Stream Your Gaming Experience

Like I have said before, streaming has been around for some time now, and while people certainly question why they should stream or not, the good thing is that there are actually several reasons behind that.

While it might not make sense to everyone, and might not appeal to everyone, streaming is still a lot more popular than you might know in the first place. Below are some really valid reasons that will allow you to understand why you should stream your gaming experience.

It’s Fun

Okay, I know this sound as vague as vague could get, but if you really want to have fun, you can actually stream your entire gaming experience and you will not have any issue whatsoever. Now if you are actually really, really good at a game, then you might want to stream it. Because people love showing off their skills, and if you do gather a good amount of viewers, then you can show them some of the best tricks that you have up your sleeve.

Simply put, streaming is a lot more fun, and if you are a professional, or you know how to play brilliantly, then you will have even more fun streaming your experience.

You Gain Exposure

This is important if you are good at games that are famous in the e-sports industry. Case in point, Fortnite, PUBG, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as well as DoTA 2. The thing is that if you stream these games, and you are actually good at these games as well, there is a high chance that you will gain a lot of exposure, and there is also a chance that some pros might start noticing your streams, and your skills too. This is one of the ways how Shroud, who happens to be one of the best Counter Strike: GO players in the gaming world got noticed.

So, if you are really good at gaming, do not let that go to waste, and start streaming to achieve the level of exposure that you have always wanted.

You Can Start Earning

This is another great reason that is completely optional, but if you want to go this route, the option is still available. As you may know, many of the Twitch streamers have made careers out of streaming games, and while it certainly seems like an idea that is far-fetched, the good news here is that you can stream your gaming experience and make a career out of it too. However, the thing you need to know here is that on Twitch, the competition happens to be really tough, and you must have something up your sleeve to be able to start earning on Twitch.

Earnings are done through donations by the viewers, as well as the sponsors; therefore, there are multiple channels of income that a streamer can have, which is always a great thing in my opinion.


Streaming on Twitch is something that is a lot more popular nowadays, and the good thing is that whether you are new to the scene, or have been around for a long, long time, the Twitch is a great place to start your streaming career. If you are consistent enough, and good at what you do, then you will have a great time streaming your experience on Twitch.

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